coffee espreso

Cof­fee and the caf­feine are prob­a­bly the most talked about drinks and anti-sleep reme­dies. Black cof­fee has gone in and out of health favor over the last few decades. Lucky for you, now cof­fee is con­sid­ered a health ben­e­fit, within rea­son like any­thing else.



1. Faster Mus­cle Recovery

Stud­ies show that tak­ing caf­feine, com­bined with car­bo­hy­drates, after exer­cise leads to post exer­cise mus­cle repair (replen­ish­ing mus­cle glyco­gen), which also leads to less mus­cle fatigue/pain. Of course, it is also very impor­tant to hydrate appro­pri­ately and efficiently.
2. Boosts Mem­ory Capacity

“Accord­ing to a new study in Japan, sci­en­tists found out that just as mus­cle cells are stim­u­lated by caf­feine, brain cells in the hip­pocam­pus are stim­u­lated to increase cal­cium con­cen­tra­tion. This improves the cells sig­nal flow, which improves memory.”*
3. Improves Stamina

Caf­feine does increases sta­mina dur­ing exer­cise, mainly from mak­ing your body and brain be in an “awake, more aware” state.
4. Makes You Feel Like a Lot of Bucks

Caf­feine has shown to ease depres­sion by increas­ing dopamine (neu­ro­trans­mit­ter that plays sev­eral impor­tant roles) in the brain. Dos­ing your­self how­ever does not sub­sti­tute for ther­apy and other med­ica­tion; so talk to your doc.



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