5 Reason Why I❤Coffee

● The Aroma  

the smell   I love waking up to more than fresh brewed coffee. There is just something so inviting about the smell of coffee that makes me feel ready to face the dayartsfon-com-34584

● The Taste

I have always loved the taste of coffee with or without creamers or sugar and its good for rainy seasons or cold weather. When you appreciate coffee for more than the caffeine it provides, that’s when you truly begin to love coffeehow-to-taste-coffee-2

● It Gives Me Energy 

don’t get me wrong guys for me it feels like its my energy drink (cobra,sting,etc) none of those can boost my energy and keeps me fueled for the rest of the day.512745562

● It’s Conversational 

There is nothing more inviting and comforting than conversations over coffee. This has become a trend in today’s culture – going on coffee dates, meeting up for coffee, etc and with my friends if there’s new coffee shop nearby we make sure we try it first (bonding)dde39690-e2e5-0131-6cd9-0aa0f90d87b4

● It Helps Me Relax 

Believe it or not, coffee helps me relax. Like I have mentioned before, from its scent to its taste, it’s overall and inviting experience. Because coffee is so inviting, I think it’s just natural for me that I feel comforted and at ease when I can sit back and enjoy a cup. I am not a morning person at all, which means I wake up slowly. Coffee is a great way to ease me back to life, but keep me feeling relaxed at the same time.b016ba019e27afa12af1e1318c8984f7

I look forward to continuing to explore the great world of coffee ^_^ ✌ 


4 thoughts on “5 Reason Why I❤Coffee

  1. Yes, five times! I’ve come to appreciate coffee so much more over the past few years; it’s a culture all its own. I hope you discover even more reasons to enjoy the best caffeine-riddled beverage around!

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